December 6, 2009

Christmas in Vickery Village

We spend a fun afternoon in Vickery Village today. Everything was great except for the freezing cold weather. BURRRRR!!!! I got the kids to pose for a couple of pictures in front of the humongous Christmas tree. This is the picture that I used for our Christmas cards this year.
There was a horse drawn carriage giving free rides through the village.
This station was set up so the kids could decorate a plate that said "Cookies For Santa".
Santa was there and the kids all got to chat with him and give him their wish lists.Santa gave each kid a small stuffed puppy dog with a santa hat. Alex decided that he was going to donate his to "Toys-For-Tots". I got a cute picture of him donating the toy to the officer. He was so proud and I was even more proud of him. What a nice thing for him to do.

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