August 22, 2009

First Footbal Game of the Season

Nicholas, my youngest son has taken on a new sport this season. He decided he wanted to play football. So I signed him up for flag football through Upward. This will be our first experience with this sport and hopefully not the last. We have played Upward basketball for the past 2 years and are familiar with how the program works. It's a wonderful organization that really aims to boost each kids self esteem and teaches them a Bible lesson each week to boot. Gotta love it! Enjoy the pictures.

August 4, 2009


I am so excited to share with you all how much fun I had painting at Sips-N-Strokes.
I was introduced to this awesome place by my friend and fellow crafting junkie, Betsy. She had been once before and asked me to go this time around. And... I must tell you I can't wait to go back again. I got my frequent painters card punched and I'm ready to fill it up!!
There is an instructor that stands up front and guides you through your painting, step by step. You are free to make any changes you see fit, like the color scheme, if you have a particular room you want the painting to coordinate with you may want to alter your painting from her suggested colors to match your room.
During the "drying breaks" you are allowed to sign the walls. The walls are just about filled so it was a little hard to find a place to sign. If you look in the very center of the photo above you will see my signature. "Angie"We had such a great time painting and sipping and eating and painting some more. You are allowed to bring anything you would like to eat or drink so we brought some chicken salad, crackers, fruit, drinks and a few other miscellaneous food items.
These are our finished "Funky Tulips" paintings. I think they turned out great. Can't wait until we can go again. Painting is like therapy for me. So I need lots of it!!!
Good Times!!