November 27, 2009

Family Pictures From Thanksgiving

This is my nephew Jacob. He was giving me his "tough guy" pose.This is Carson. He is my cousin Jessica's newest son. He was almost 2 months old at Thanksgiving.
This is my very silly niece Katherine. We all call her Kappy. She is so cute and funny and OMG what a hand full!!!
I love this picture of my grandmother Memah feeding baby Carson. She loves babies.
And this is Cale. Carson's big brother. He turned 2 just after Thanksgiving. He is such a cutie pie.

November 26, 2009

More Fun At The Cox Farm in Cairo

We had so much fun in the paddle boat. I would love to have on of these. Me and Amy by a really pretty tree.
Me as Annie Oakley.
Alex shooting at a tin can. He hit it several times before knocking it into the pond.
Memah and Pop rocked on the swing most of the afternoon.

More Pictures From Thanksgiving

A little croquet tourney between the cousins was in order.Sidney Grace posing with the soccer ball.
The golf cart rides have become an annual activity that the kids love.
Nicholas loved Amy's wreath cookie things. They were good but they made his mouth green.
Alex had eaten one of the green wreaths also.

A Redneck Thanksgiving

The kids talked Nana into playing a game of checkers with them before dinner.No true redneck Thanksgiving is complete with out gun fire and rattlesnakes.
The snake is dead but his body continued to move for quite a while. Creepy!!!!
This is where Amy spotted the rattlesnake swimming across the pond. Ronnie went and got his gun and shot it after it came up on the opposite bank.