September 23, 2007

Trading Spaces

My sister and her family have bought a 1950's house that is in need of some serious updating. My mom and I thought it would be fun to help out and try to have a "trading spaces" type weekend of our own. We had a $500 budget, one designer (me) and one carpenter (my dad). After thinking it over we narrowed it down and she gave us permission to redecorate her guest room. My sister is pregnant so she wasn't able to help much. My mom did all the sewing. That's her thing. I did most of the painting. On my sister's request we had a "shabby-chic" theme. I used white's and green's as the color scheme. Mom made new curtains for the 2 windows and curtains for the closet where we decided to take out the ugly closet doors. The closet is where the antique dresser was placed. It looked great centered behind the tied back curtain panels. We framed out a head board for the king size bed out of fluted molding and rosettes. Then we upholstered the center panel and attached it all to the wall. I was able to purchase two night stands, two lamps and some other accessories off of ebay. Gotta love e-bay!! My mom found a wicker rocker that we painted white and she made a cushion for the set that coordinated with the curtains and bedding. Finally, we convinced my brother-in-law to hang up the new ceiling fan for us. It was finally done! My sister loves it so I would call it a success. We had so much fun redecorating her guest room. It looks great! Next time we are going to redo mom's guest room/sewing room/office. I can't wait! So fun! I love projects like this. Hope you enjoyed this. I would love to hear your comments or hear about your similar experiences. Toodles!