June 22, 2009

Photo Contest

Who can resist a "cute baby" photo contest. The winner of this one will get the chance to be on the cover of Parents magazine. Check out the entries. They are adorable. Here is the link... photo contest.

June 17, 2009

Water Balloons

Today the kids had a blast building up their arsenal full of water balloons in anticipation of the battle that was scheduled to commence later. They had so much fun goofing off and picking at each other. I on the other hand have very sore fingers because of the whole ordeal. I was chosen to be the official balloon tier. After about 30 balloons my fingers were begging for mercy. Here are some pictures of the fun.

June 16, 2009

40th Birthday Hibachi Style

Well I finally made it to my dreaded 40th birthday. I can't say this is a birthday I was looking forward to. To keep it low key we went out as a family to Kani Japanese Restaurant.
The kids really enjoyed the "show" and the food too.
This is an onion volcano. SG kept crawling under the table when the chef would set anything on fire. She said she was skeered.
I had grilled pineapple and fillet mignon. It was delicious!
Then out came the staff with the big silly hat and bongo drum, singing happy birthday. They were great!
Good times!

June 6, 2009

Wedding Day

Meet the bride and groom! Millie & Hershey Long!

Long summer days call for some creative activities.

There was some speculation that Ms. Millie might be pregnant so naturally she and Hershey would have to be married before they could have any puppies.
We made a top hat and bow tie for Hershey and a veil for Millie. She looked more like the flying Nun than a bride to me. It was cute none the less. They are a handsome couple! :)
They were exhausted after the festivities!
Nicholas even made a "wedding" cake for the event. After the ceremony they were off to the back yard for their honeymoon. So much fun!