January 31, 2009

Gentlemen... Start Your Engines

On your marks! Get set! GOOOOOOOOOOO!
Pinewood Derby day is always an exciting day for us! This year the paint was still drying on my boys cars as they zoomed down the track. I literally finished putting the cars together about 30 minutes before the race began. They turned out really cute though. The boys were very excited to show off their cars to their friends.

Alex's car won the award for Sportiest Car.
Nicholas' car won the award for Outstanding Craftsmanship.
It was a fun day!

A Visit From Grizz

SG's class has a grizzley bear that they each get a chance to take home on the weekends. His name is Grizz. The kids get so excited when it's their turn to take Grizz home. On their weekend they are supposed to write in a journal about what they did and attach photos of their adventures. This is Sid & Grizz at the Pinewood Derby.

January 24, 2009

Go Gators!!! (Did I just say that out loud) :0

Being a long time die hard Seminole fan it kills me to have to cheer for the Gators. Not the Florida Gators however! The Upward basketball team that my boys play for is called the Gators. Of all the teams we somehow ended up on the one that, given the option, would have been my last choice. Anyway, once you get past the team name everything is great! They love their new team. They have done really well so far this season. Alex has made a few baskets here and there. He has shown a lot of improvement over last year. I think he finally "get's it." Nicholas is improving also but still wants to goof off and be the team clown rather than a team player. Here are some pictures from their games. I was playing with my new camera lens so bear with me as I experiment with it.

With all that said.... GO GATORS!!!

January 7, 2009

Carousel Rides

My kids like going to the mall for one reason only and it's to ride the carousel. They LOVE it!!! I have to ride with them because SG is still to little to ride alone. So I am able to get pictures of them while we are riding.

They had a ball and begged to ride over and over again. So cute!!!