February 6, 2010

Rainbow Brite Adventure Pack

Wow! My daughter loves this fun filled CD ROM! And... I have 8 copies that I can give away. Yea!!! Leave a comment on this post and a way to get in contact with you if you are a winner.

The Rainbow Brite Adventure Pack has enough activities to keep any child entertained for hours. It contains games, puzzles, animated stories a theme song and much, much more!

My daughter loved the puzzles and the coloring pages. On the coloring pages she was able to create her own page by clicking and dragging images onto her page and arranging it the way she liked it. She loved this! Then when she got it the way she liked it she could print it out and color it in. Here are her works of art.Fabulous! I love her art! These will definitely be going on the fridge.

Thank you to MomSelect and Hallmark for sharing the CD's. You can also visit Rainbow Brite online at www.rainbowbrite.com to view four new Rainbow Brite animated mini episodes. Join Rainbow Brite, her two loyal friends Moonglow and Tickled Pink, and their companion horse friends: Starlite, Shimmer and Sunriser on the adventures through Rainbow Land.

A little more exciting news, the newest Rainbow Brite fashion doll collection in now available at Target (my favorite store) and will be coming to Toys R' Us in February 2010.