November 27, 2008


The kids had a lot of fun hunting for chestnuts in the mountains. Atleast that's what we think they were. They were pretty large when we found them but after we got them home and they had a chance to dry out they shrank to about 1/2 their size. None of us had ever tried a chestnut so Beau cracked one open so we could taste it. It was terrible!!! I had to spit atleast 10 times to get it all out of my mouth. Maybe they are better roasted with salt and butter or whatever you put on a chestnut. Anyway, at least the kids had fun collecting them.
All was not lost!
Nick's pockets are stuffed with chestnuts.
One for you, two for me!
The haul back to the cabin. Love that winding road through the tall trees.

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