September 21, 2009

Sips-N-Strokes #2

Well... we did it again. Betsy and I loaded up once again and headed for Sip-N-Strokes for another fun night of painting. We got caught in some heavy traffic on the way over there so we were about 15 minutes late. But the class was so large (75 people) that we didn't miss anything. They were still checking people in when we arrived.
This is my painting. It is titled "Funky Flowers".Here is a picture of Betsy and I after we had gotten our pictures "puffed". Our instructor, Stacy, used fabric puff paint to highlight everyones paintings. It really made the designs pop!

This is where my "Funky Flowers" ended up. I hung them on the wall in my foyer. I love the way this painting turned out.

We had such a great time painting and sipping and eating and socializing. Can't wait to do it again. We have already registered for another class in October. Our next painting will be of a rooster. Stay tuned for pictures from our next visit.

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  1. I love our paintings --what a great way to spend an evening. I have my picture hung right below our last flower painting. The yellow ties them both together so beautifully. Not to mention my yellow walls. SO nice!


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