September 24, 2008

Fun at Poole's Mill Park

Historic Poole's Mill Covered Bridge

Today the kids all got out of school early for a teacher planning day so we took advantage of the extra time and the gorgeous weather and headed to Poole's Mill Park. We had never been there before but had heard from many people what a pretty place it was. I had no idea just how pretty it really was. This place is absolutely beautiful. Several kids from the neighborhood all decided to meet up there. So we went home and changed into some old clothes (because we were told we would probably get a little wet and dirty) and off we went. I had to Google the park to get directions and was pleasantly surprised to find that the park was only 9 miles from our house.
SG may be little but she can keep up with the big boys. Nicole had a ball sliding down the "rock slide." Nicholas is soaking wet!

There was a play ground, a party pavilion, an old historic covered bridge and a river/creek that runs beneath the bridge and around the bend. The river is full of huge rocks that the kids could walk across on. There was even one about 20+ feet long and about 10 feet up and down, that was at the perfect angle to slide down. The water was running across it just enough to keep it wet. Needless to say, I think the "rock slide" was the highlight of the afternoon for the kids. When it was time to go they all begged to stay and even started making plans for the next time we visit Poole's Mill Park.

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